Chess is fast becoming a popular game among both young and the old because of the fun with which it is played. However, you can scale up the fun of playing this game by choosing the best themed chess set. If you have ever played using Star Wars chess sets, you most probably can never want to go back to the ordinary sets. However, there are many options available for you. This review will focus on the common sets that have distinguished themselves from the rest of the crew.

Star Wars Chess

Star Wars Chess Game by Hasbro

Over the years, Hasbro has curved for itself a niche as a trusted brand, so many chess enthusiasts are very confident buying Star Wars chess products from them. In fact, it is one of the most reviewed product online.

First Impressions

The packaging and the pictures on the box are attractive and this means that any person will get the initial impression of a top-notch product before buying the product itself.


• Requires a minor assembly which is not a difficult task for an average gamer.
• The Pieces are light, yet sturdy.
• Despite that they are made from plastic, they do not break easily or fall apart.
• Standard board that is extremely fancy for people who appreciate aesthetics
• Comes in different colors ranging from silver, black.
• It’s designed to withstand excessive use as well as to be used by people of all ages. In fact, any person above the age of 8 years and above can play chess using this set comfortably.
• Easy set up and one can easily tell which piece it is by just looking at the front of it, a feature that is pretty essential for beginner players.

Any improvement needed?

There is some little trouble with this set when it comes to its sizing. Users have said that the board appears crowded, especially with the large pieces. however, its compact size comes in handy when transferring the set to different parts of the house. The pieces would look better if they were on a bigger board.
The prints are rather small and the compact board means that players are vulnerable to making weird moves. It is recommended that the board size and the prints are enlarged to give players a better user experience.

What makes this brand beat the rest is its price that gives value to players. At the time of review, the set was selling at $33.99 on Amazon and other leading online shops.

The Bottom line

Going by the price of this set, it is perhaps the best the market can offer under $50 even though it is arguable that it is not the best display when not under use. But we can give it a nod because of its sturdiness and undoubted durability.

Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set

For those who are lovers of Hasbro and the ease of playability of chess sets, this product will definitely be your option. This set performs better than most of its rivals as a display piece when it is not being played. It also won’t disappoint you while playing, something that justifies its price.


It features a slightly bigger package compared to similar but cheaper counterparts. Perhaps the packaging aspect is what could be the most underwhelming. Therefore, one needs to open the package to know how pretty the set is.

The pieces match up well, they are sturdy and are approximately 2-3 inches tall. The two sides feature sides with different colors all that match well.

Playability of the pieces

• It is easy to set up the board and does not require a lot of experience
• The board is small and a bigger option would have been better.

• The package has enough space to accommodate all the pieces
• Setting up the board is an easy enough experience.
• The board does not have a lot of branding
• The pieces seem somewhat bendable owing to the plastic material from which they are made.
• Beginner players can enjoy the customization of the pieces. however, one needs to be careful when bending the pieces as this can cause them to break.
• The set is built to withstand any manner of handling for sure. They are certainly some of the most study and durable in the class of Star Wars chess pieces.

This is a premium product designed for people who are not keen on price but instead value for their money. At a price of $159.95, the Saga edition of chess set is what you possibly need to take your chess game to the next level.

What Improvements are needed?

The pieces are conspicuously pawns but it were better if they had a similar look. This could go a long way in making the game feel better, especially if it is competitive.

Bottom line

For economy chess players who like fancy looks, Hasbro has ensured to add much detail on the plastic to give it a more appealing look. What’s more, the plastic is stronger compared to other types of plastics commonly used in building other pieces.

The Verdict

Without a doubt Hasbro has priced the two sets reviewed so as to market them to different users on the market despite that they all have unmatched durability. The Star Wars Saga Edition Chess Set is designed for the entire family and that you can fold it up and keep it in the closet.

Tips on Buying Star Wars Chess Boards Online

Shopping online for chess sets has become the easiest and most common way of buying the pieces thanks to the Internet. However, when buying chess sets online, buyers need to consider a few things:

Check the pricing

The pricing is perhaps the most looked after component when buying chess sets. For entry level players, chess boards are priced at $20-$40. If you wish to graduate or upgrade your chess gaming, you can expect to part with pretty good hundreds of dollars. For example, you can find some pretty good and themed deluxe chess sets at a price of $500 an above.

Are there warranties?

There are many sellers of chess sets online but not all have the same terms of sale. Reputable sellers who stock top-notch sets are known to provide extensive warranties and attractive return policies for faulty or broken pieces.

Check the Materials

The durability and ease with which you can play your chess depends largely on the type and quality of the materials from which the pieces and the chess board are made.

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