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26th May – 03rd June 2012

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Tournament Rules

TOURNAMENT RULES: 9 rounds, Swiss System, 90 minutes for each player plus 30 seconds per move starting from the first move. Electronic clocks will be used.

TOURNAMENT VENUE: Albena Sports Hall

Registration of each participant will be possible after presenting a paid voucher, issued by Albena Tour, for a minimum stay of 8 nights in Albena.


  • Registration - until 13:00 on 26th May
  • Technical meeting - starts at 14:00
  • First Round starts at 15:00
  • * TOURNAMENT B and C starting on 27 may 2012

  • Second to Eight round - starts at 15:00, every day from 27th May till 3rd June
  • Final Ninth Round - starts at 09:00 on 3rd June (Sunday)
  • Closing Ceremony - starts at 14:00 on 3rd June

ENTRY FEE: 60 EUR, 40 EUR - for students and retiress. Grandmasters do not pay an entry fee. 60 EUR will be deducted from the prize in case it is won by a grandmaster

RANKING: The ranking is determined based on the number of points scored. In case of a draw, the following systems will be used:

  1. Median-Buchholz
  2. Buchholz
  3. Games won
  4. Cumulative